BMURALS - Barcelona, 2020


During the two weeks of the “Festival Circular” I have been collecting, cleaning and stapling plastics to make a smile mural. It is the smile that makes us not face the obvious and devastating problems to solve them but helps us to avoid them to continue living peacefully in self-deception. A beautiful smile made with one of the most dangerous materials on the planet.
A pleasure to have participated in the circular festival and work with @madridstreetartproject. Also thank the neighbors of San Cristóbal for all the support received for the project.


12+1 - Hospitalet, 2019

ÚS FESTIVAL - Barcelona, 2018


ÚS FESTIVAL - Barcelona, 2018



CÚMUL COLLECTIVE - Nova Gaia, 2017


ARTBNB - Jerusalem, 2018

FESTIVAL CULTURA EN LA CALLE - Rivas Vaciamadrid, 2016

FESTIVAL ASALTO - Zaragoza, 2017